Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

Calling all book lovers! Ever thought that you could get the book which you always wanted but constrained by your monthly budget? Fear not, the Big Bad Wolf is here! Hopefully you ain't wearing any red riding hoods... 

The Big Bad Wolf book sales will commence in Serdang, Selangor from Oct 7 to Oct 16, a whooping 10 days of book sales with 75-90% discounts on 1.5 million books, and that's more discount than any other thing you could expect! Their website,, has more information and there is a list of classified books looking for their potential readers to bring them home as well, so do check it out and be delighted by the discounted price.

Having said that this is a book fair, I believe the organizer is most interesting. Visiting their Facebook reveals a lot of fun activities, as well as some interesting way of promoting and marketing this book sales, making it more than just an event for book lovers. The website provided the map as well, which I have shared here along with a Google map for book lovers unfamiliar with the location. If you are still not sure of how to reach there, read this website for a very detailed direction.

Remember, this is the biggest book sales IN THE WORLD and beyond it, so let nothing short of anything stops you from going there to grab that book that you always wanted!

The map which I downloaded from Big Bad Wolf's website.


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