Great Singapore Sales 2012

It's GSS! That's Great Singapore Sales, and everyone is whooping crazy shopping for the latest fashion apparels! I may not be a shopaholic, but I get my own shopping list as well and went hunting for the best bargains... for books!

GSS 2012 is running from 25 May to 22 July but not all bookstores are running their sales throughout the whole period. Here are some of the bookstores participating and their latest promotions and offers.

POPULAR Bookstore

Website: click here
Promotion period: 25 May - 17 June

Promotion of 10% off (20% for members) for most books for in store purchase. Specially for Jurong Point outlet is another promotion for Buy 2 Get 1 Free on selected items. Some of the books listed under this promotion when I visited included travel books, interior and architecture design, cooking, and certain novels.  There could be more being made available under this promotion, and worth your while to check it out at this outlet.

Image taken from POPULAR Bookstore.

{prologue} Bookstore

Website: click here
Promotion period: 01 - 24 June

Enjoy more discounts here if you are a member of POPULAR bookstore, or of any other bookstores for that matter. It makes no difference to them. Bookstore members enjoy 25% off storewide items except for items listed under their exclusion list. 

You could still enjoy 20% off if you are not a member of any bookstore. Makes you want to go sign up a member card immediately, doesn't it? They only have an outlet in ION Orchard.

Image taken from Great Deals Singapore.

GSS website listed that TIMES bookstore joined the sales as well but no great deals are shown under the latter's website. Kinokuniya bookstore is not listed within the list of offering shops, so I guess they have not joined the sales.

More info on Great Singapore Sales could be obtained through their website.


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