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Pandora's Key (Book 1 of The Key Trilogy)

by Nancy Richardson Fischer Note: This is a book review based on a free copy from the author. Many thanks go to the author for this generosity. I wasn't particularly attracted to the Young Adult genre, but somehow I got drawn into a few of them, with Pandora's Key being one of these. Short the story may be, with only about 130+ pages in e-book format, twists and turns snaking throughout made reading this a distinctly fun process. My feeling at the end of the book was mixed - there was a certain satisfaction with how the story goes yet something seemed missing from it at the same time. Maybe it was the lack of action or the lack of any ingenuity on the part of the protagonist despite the surprising twists which kept me through the whole book.


produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios directed by Nathan Greno and Byron Howard Disney's story brought to life many feminine characters and immortalized them in the minds of most people, especially so in the modern digital era where nursery rhymes and fairy tales gave way to more violent prone medias and entertainment. Most of my friends are familiar with Snow White , Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast , but the tale of Rapunzel is not as well known to them. The Original Rapunzel The original story was part of the German Brothers Grimm's collection of fairy tale published in 1812, and in turn was adapted from Persinette , published by Charlotte-Rose de Caumont de La Force in 1698. It told the story of a girl with long hair, who was shut off in a room on the top of a tower by an enchantress and not allowed to leave. The only way to access the room was by climbing up the tower through the her magical hair, which could not be cut short, which Rapunzel let dow

Great Singapore Sales 2012

It's GSS! That's Great Singapore Sales, and everyone is whooping crazy shopping for the latest fashion apparels! I may not be a shopaholic, but I get my own shopping list as well and went hunting for the best bargains... for books! GSS 2012 is running from 25 May to 22 July but not all bookstores are running their sales throughout the whole period. Here are some of the bookstores participating and their latest promotions and offers. POPULAR Bookstore Website: click here Promotion period: 25 May - 17 June Promotion of 10% off (20% for members) for most books for in store purchase. Specially for Jurong Point outlet is another promotion for Buy 2 Get 1 Free on selected items. Some of the books listed under this promotion when I visited included travel books, interior and architecture design, cooking, and certain novels.  There could be more being made available under this promotion, and worth your while to check it out at this outlet.