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I Am Legend

written by Richard Matherson There is no doubt that I was drawn to this book only because I had watched Will Smith's portrayal of Robert Neville in a post-apocalyptic world. A recent quote shared in GoodReads had further pushed me to seek this book. The book was the original masterpiece, which of course Hollywood had modified to provide an action oriented cinematic experience with Will Smith at the helm. Although most readers preferred the book's original narrative, I enjoyed the portrayal in both the book and the movie, with a higher bias towards the latter due to the dog. One-liner intro:  One of the earliest attempt to infuse science into a paranormal horror story. Best part:  Scientific thoughts in a paranormal (vampire) story, a slightly unexpected ending Not-so-best part:  Not as exciting; supposedly horror element is not as horrific; the dog which I loved from the movie is not as important