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A Guide to the Star Wars Universe, 3rd edition

by Bill Slavicsek Flipping through the browning books on my bookshelf, I found this long buried guide to that galaxy far far away, reminding me of my long lost interest in Star Wars. A Guide to the Star Wars Universe  is a must have for die-hard fans like me in an era when internet is not as pervasive, and you just wanted to know a little bit more about that character or planet which you just read off the latest Star Wars novel.

Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince)

by Antoine de Saint-Exup éry No, I am not French, nor could I communicate in French, but I am reviewing a French novella, or at least one written by a French. You do know that the famous The Little Prince  is actually written in French, right...? Well, at least you do now. Although I have heard of the novella for a long time, I have never thought of seeking it out. No one around me seemed to be able to tell me what the story is about either, or why it is so famous. So a little while ago, out of boredom, I sought the English version out and read it, and was captivated.