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Math-A-Day - A Book of Days for Your Mathematical Year

by Theoni Pappas After sharing Calvin and Hobbes - Weirdos from Another Planet! , it got me thinking of another book which I find very suitable for kids, especially those in preschool education or who had just started their schooling years. Many of my friends are married with children of their own, or at least expecting one in the coming months;  Math-A-Day  is my dedicated gift to every one of them to explore the world through the fun-filled activities in this book with their growing child in the coming years. The Author Truth is, she (yes, Theoni Pappas is a she ) is not within my list of known authors until I decided to write this blog. There is a biography page in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics site dedicated to her, and that shows how important she is in the field of education, especially on mathematics. She may not be the next Pascal or Leibniz, but she may well be training the next of them. It is quite obvious that Pappas is not satisfied with de

Penang International Chinese Book Expo

Calling all book lovers! There will be an international book fair featuring books from the Chinese region, including Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, as well as local Mandarin books in Penang International Sports Arena (PISA) from Aug 12 - 21. Do not miss out your opportunity to grab a book or ten to quench your thirst for knowledge in this event! The Star Online has more information in this link:  The Star Online - Delightful News for Bookworms View Larger Map Do enjoy your time in browsing through your favorite books! ^^