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Times Book Sale @ Singapore Paragon

Seems like Times bookstores are in the limelight if book fairs recently. With a recently concluded book fair in Penang Island Plaza , another one is ready to be launched in Singapore. That's right! Paragon Shopping Center will be hosting the book sales from Times in its atrium, running from 11 th (Tue) - 20 th (Thu) Sep 2012 . Image taken from Singapore Promotions .

Times Book Fair 2012 @ Penang Island Plaza

Seems like Penang isle is invaded by scores of bookseller looking to get their stocks depleted! Barely after the International Chinese Book Exhibition was the recently ended BookXcess Largest English Bookfair in Penang Times Square . It seems that Times Bookstore had the same notion of a book fair in the region, and they had set up booth in Island Plaza before the BookXcess even move out of the isle. Times' website shared that they have a bargain corner set up within the fair where a book will be sold for RM5, and 5 books at the price of RM10. Knowing what quality these books usually end up as, book hunters are cautioned against high expectations. Still, that should not hinder any dedicated lovers from trying their luck hunting through the shelves (or baskets). Keep them in good condition if it is not the one you wanted though, it may be a treasure for the hunter next to you. Image taken from Times Book Fair Facebook page .

The Age of Odin (Book 3 of The Pantheon series)

by James Lovegrove Continuing his unique style of fusing mythology with modernity is Lovegrove's third installation of The Pantheon  series, with the Norse gods in the limelight this time. The Age of Zeus  may have secured my unwavering attention to the series, but this next novel in the series equally ruined it. Pages upon pages of profanity served to diminish my appetite for a good plot and narrative, and with neither clever tactics nor show of godly power, my plate of stars went down with the each turning page. One-liner intro:  Profanity-filled modern  Ragnarök - intense, fast-paced and  in full military style. Best part:  Refreshing depiction of how the Norse mythology adapt to modern ways; readers familiar with Norse mythology could still surprised with the modern version of certain mythological beasts; a very interesting and surprising ending; continued use of idiomatic expressions and word play; funny monologue narrative; brush up one's Norse mythology t