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Age of Voodoo (Book 5 of The Pantheon series)

written by James Lovegrove Being in love with Lovegrove’s novel, especially his Pantheon series, could be addictive. Even so, I was rather surprised to find that this latest story following the same pattern to be so disappointing. Although his style of military action never cease to run out of steam throughout the course of the novel, the novelty behind the idea seemed to have dwindled, leaving behind just a husk of a story which tried to continue the legacy of a bestselling series.  One-liner intro: Military action mythical sci-fi coupled with voodoo magic  Best part: Introduction of a relatively misunderstood religion and myth; military action  Not-so-best part: Voodoo priestess playing an unimportant role; lack of grandiose; disappointingly unimpressive gods and their manifestation