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Dos & Don'ts in Japan

by Richard L. Carpenter illustrations by Paul Davis It has been a hectic year and I was shocked by how much time has flown past since I last typed a blog entry here. Fortunately I got myself a nice read to share here to get myself jump started into continuing in this blog. I have always been interested in the Japanese culture. Their products and cultures have pervaded most of lives nowadays, from the sushi and sashimi bars sprouting everywhere to the manga and anime which I chased with a fervour much like housewives following soaps. My hectic pace of life have not avail me the chance to plan a trip to the land of the Far East, but this book here gave me some preparation on what to expect from this isolated nation. One-liner intro:  What to do and not to do when in Japan (as the title suggested). Best part:  Refreshing look into the nation and its culture; summarized and concise, without too lengthy explanation; examples of what others did wrong when they wer