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The Underlighters

by Michelle Brown Note: This is a book review based on a free copy from the author. Many thanks go to the author for this generosity. This book is one of those few which catch me in a grip in the beginning and just force me to flip through the story, trying to unravel the mysteries and know the truth behind. It is, unfortunately, also another book which left me disappointed in its choice to sparingly use obscenities in its story. How employing such useless words in a book could make it into a better story is just beyond me. One-liner intro:  A original page turner of a horror story that is marred by obscenities. Best part:  Imaginative and original future world, which is getting harder to achieve since more and more stories featured an apocalyptic future; exploring a world of liberal gender relationship (this may not be 'best part' for different readers). Not-so-best part:  The use of obscenities, which is an obscenity unto itself; storytelling more