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The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2012

If you are not aware, then be aware - THE Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is back! After announcing its presence back in October, Lieutenant Wolf is back once more with its 75 - 95% discounts on all 3 MILLION of its books. This is a bargain hunt which book lovers could not and should not miss out. Today is only the 4th day of the sales and already throngs of crazed book  hunter poured into MIECC , grabbing whatever they can from being snatched by other equally crazed hunters. Enter the halls to hunt for your treasure before December 23rd (Sun) . Date:             7 th  (Fri) -23 rd  Dec (Sun) 2012 Admission:   6.30 a.m. - 11 p.m. daily Entry fee:     Free Location:      Singapore Paragon Shopping Center, atrium Website:        BBW Facebook page ,  BBW blog View MIECC in Larger Map

Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman, Vol 4 - Three

written by Jonathan Hickman art by Steve Epting and Nick Dragotta I had been hanging onto Fantastic Four issues on and off now, and none seemed to impress me as much as this "final" issue of Fantastic Four. With the foreboding title of "Three", it seems that one of the member will go off the pages permanently, although fans of Western comicdom knew how much that will stay, what with all those dead heroes and villains showing up again and again via illogical reasons. Counting Down to "Three" This volume is the fourth volume of Fantastic Four, collecting issues 583 - 588 as well as chronicling the supposed death of a certain permanent member of the team. Marvel's First Family was no stranger to dangerous missions, nor were they unfamiliar with situations when they had to worked out problems without the full team present. Unfortunately super major problems arose, each one of them having an equal chance of turning catastrophic and harm th

Final Crisis

written by Grant Morrison One of the most shocking crossovers in DC Universe which changed familiar characters' background and storyline drastically was introduced in Crisis on Infinite Earth . After that Infinite Crisis  was introduced and tried to market the same concept again, extending events from that first major crisis. But with hints being thrown around that this second crisis was but a "middle crisis", there was speculations in comicdom that a "final crisis" has yet to come. And so a few years back in 2008, Final Crisis  was launched to put recent events around that time to an end, in another major crisis which once more see the death of major characters. The Final Crisis ? The hardcover and paperback edition collect Issues 1 - 7 from titles of the same name, as well as 2 issues of  Final Crisis: Superman Beyond  and Final Crisis: Submit . Leading to the plot in these issues were stories surrounding different main characters in their own