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This Time You Lose

by Chris Stralyn Note: This is a book review based on a free copy from the author. Many thanks go to the author for this generosity. There aren't many thrillers which I enjoyed, and Stralyn's This Time You Lose  immediately becomes one of them when I started reading it. The sense of danger exuding from the pages are more real than Dan Brown's or Michael Crichton's, for what is recounted within the story is something that could happen any day, on anyone. One-liner intro:  A superbly gripping and adrenaline-pumping chronicle of how one ordinary woman faced down dangerous thugs to protect the people around her. Best part:  A fiction that is more real than most thrillers; adrenaline-pumping with a real threat of death around every corner of the story. Not-so-best part:  There were hardly any references to the title until the end, but I am not complaining; too many characters, and not everyone were given a memorable appearance or involvement.