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Singapore Library's Double Loan Promotion (Again!)

I was once excited to be able to borrow double the amount of books with my meager SGD50++ per annum library membership fee. And now I get to be excited again! With the return of the Double Loan Promotion, public library users of Singapore enjoy to double up their reading by borrowing double the amount available to their status. With such wealth of new reading material arriving monthly, it would be a wonder for any frequent visitor not to scream out loud, not for Halloween but for the chance to grab more books! This news may come late from me, but fear not, for the period lasts until end of January next year, allowing you ample time to spend the year end holidays with! Date:             20 th  Oct 2012 -31 st  Jan 2013 Admission:   10 a.m. - 9 p.m. daily (libraries within malls will follow the mall's opening hours) Entry fee:     Free (Duh, it's a LIBRARY...) Location:      All Singapore public libraries

Red Leaves and the Living Token

by Benjamin David Burrell Note: This is a book review based on a free copy from the author. Many thanks go to the author for this generosity. Although the beginning was quite uneventful, the story's introduction of all new races made this an original work by itself. One-liner intro:  An epic in the making, with all new races and a heart racing momentum pushing past the pages. Best part:  A cliffhanger at the end which draw me to wait for the sequel; a twist in which the main protagonist was not the hero, but the protector to the hero; a good build of momentum which held me glued to the pages; an epic quest facing mythical forces. Not-so-best part:  Races were not dressed with more detail; races were too alien with very little human reference.