Times Book Sale @ Singapore Paragon

Seems like Times bookstores are in the limelight if book fairs recently. With a recently concluded book fair in Penang Island Plaza, another one is ready to be launched in Singapore. That's right! Paragon Shopping Center will be hosting the book sales from Times in its atrium, running from 11th (Tue) - 20th (Thu) Sep 2012.

Image taken from Singapore Promotions.

No information is available from Times' website yet, but Singapore Promotions has provided more details on the sales. Promotional items are not limited to books, as toys, educational items, stationery and others are up for grabs. Price starts as low as $4 though I doubt I will see much that I like being offered at that price. It is also mentioned that every spending of $30 will get a $5 voucher, with terms and conditions applied. 

Yeah, always the famous last words. "Terms and conditions applied."

Date:           11th (Thu) -20th Sep (Thu) 2012
Admission:  9 a.m. - 9 p.m. daily
Entry fee:    Free

Location:     Singapore Paragon Shopping Center, atrium
Website:      Singapore Promotions


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